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Cosmo Brachetti Peretti

My name is Cosmo Brachetti Peretti and I am a first year student in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. Being Italian I’ve returned to my hometown, Rome, and have been spending the past month of quarantine here.

About my collection

For my archiving I will track the changes and trends of advertisement and publicity in the Italian press. It will be interesting to see how this changed from February till now, what rhetoric was used, what products advertised, what position taken on the impending crisis. Furthermore, I will also collect images unrelated to commercial advertisement in the Italian press which I found compelling and interesting. Lastly, I have decided to document how the streets have changed during the times of Covid-19, by focusing on the signs and posters one can find walking around. Most of these images are gathered from the internet, sent by friends, or my own photographs from the few times I went out. Walking around to take pictures is currently not allowed, but these images show how the Italian people have tried to give themselves and each other some hope, to call for (distanced) unity and to promote the #stayathome campaign.

Collection Description

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Italian Ads

Advertisements in the Italian Press

Numerous organisations, including businesses, trade unions and non-profits, are investing in newspaper advertisements expressing their presence and solidarity and making statements about the future they envision. There is also a lot of visual use of the Italian flag, as well as words of reassurance and calls to action eg. #stayathome and #everythingwillbealright (translations) have become the most trending hashtags in Italy). There is also an increase in advertisements for alcohol such as prosecco, which is puzzling as prosecco is used for celebrations. Is this increase in advertisements for alcohol a result of increased demand for and consumption of alcohol during social distancing?  

Images in the Italian Press

Images in Italian Press

Street Signs

Street Signs
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