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Paul James

I am at the end of my first year in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. Now that I’m home, I split time between my parents in Massachusetts, but I am originally from Bregenz, Austria and grew up both there and in the United States.


About my collection

This photo project grew out of a collection I was putting together while in London over spring break. Most of my photography in London revolved around scenes of city life, and I actively sought out people in interesting situations, wearing unusual clothes or engaged in an activity that suggested something more about them. When I was told to pack up and leave first London and then my university campus, I wanted to show how my surroundings have changed. Without people around town and mostly staying inside my own house, continuing to photograph has been an interesting challenge. I also realized that photography gave me an excuse to take a couple hours a week and leave the house, trying to carve out my own time and space now that there is so little. The photographs are accompanied by outtakes from a journal I have kept throughout this process.

Collection Description
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