Hasini Shyamsundar

Hasini Shyamsundar is a rising senior studying Regional and Comparative Studies with an emphasis on postcolonial identity in Latin America and South Asia. Hasini serves the Society & Culture section editor of the peer-reviewed Georgetown Journal of International Affairs. She has a passion for interfaith work and serves as a student worker on Georgetown Campus Ministry's interreligious team and as the programming chair of Women in Faith. Hasini is currently following shelter-in-place guidelines in Santa Clara County.

About my collection

My collection titled "Art and Humor During a Pandemic" focuses on how artists utilize humor to cope with the challenges caused by COVID-19. The artists featured⁠—Huda Fahmy, Sailesh Gopalan, and Lela Lee⁠—come from different backgrounds, but each processed the COVID-19 outbreak through a similar use of humor. One can see a visible departure from these artist's pre-pandemic content and the content they produced from March to May. Ultimately, the work of these artists helped me process the changes caused by the pandemic as well.

Also check out articles related to the pandemic which I've chosen to archive here.


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