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Teak Hodge

Teak Hodge is a rising senior in the Georgetown University Walsh School of Foreign Service studying Culture and Politics with a focus on Critical Human Rights and Humanism.


About the collection: 

In the first weeks of quarantine I spent much of my days refreshing my Twitter feed, trying to maintain a sense of connection to the outside world. Concern around COVID-19 was growing, and through perusing social media I noticed that, in the long tradition of human history, people were using humor to cope with overwhelming emotion. This small archive of "The Rona Memes" is just a snapshot, capturing only a fraction of the emotional tumult expressed during this time; yet in every meme I found I saw myself, my own anxieties and overwhelming emotions, reflected in their creative poignance. Expressing the challenges of remote learning, the need to flatten the curve, and the impacts of COVID on the future, each meme speaks to some of the ways in which COVID-19 impacted the collective cyber consciousness.

The Rona Memes

Rona Memes
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