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Schooling COVID-19

Today's additions to our archives track the myriad pressures the pandemic has created for various kinds of businesses and universities in the US. Eshan Gupta's collection tracks the effect of the pandemic on three kinds of businesses- namely, consumer goods retailers, third party delivery services and other service providers- and how each is responding to the crisis.

Pia Bhatia's extensive collection tracks how higher educational institutions across the country, from community colleges to public universities to private colleges, responded to the pandemic. While the bulk of the collection consists of messages sent by the administrators of these institutions to their communities, she also collected an amusing series of memes generated by students of Georgetown University responding to various decisions taken by these administrators.

As our collections grow, it is interesting to see variations on certain themes beginning to emerge. Eshan's focus on the economy complements that of Lindsay Tausch, while Jaron Berman also collected memes and other important communications from Georgetown as part of his documentation of his own experience as a student at Georgetown.

As always, stay safe and stay home!

Dr. Ananya Chakravarti

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