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Teachable Moments

Today's addition to the collection comes to us thanks to Caroline Gardner. As she tells us, in her poignant reflection on ending her college career amidst a pandemic, she was inadvertently well-practiced in the art of social distancing, as a severe concussion had left her isolated even before COVID-19 emerged. Using her own experience to think about the challenges of meeting differential learning needs in the classroom, Caroline channeled her interest in education into creating a fascinating archive of interviews with young teachers spread across the US. Conducted with uncommon empathy and good humor that is typical of Caroline, she has created a fascinating record of the ways in which teachers have struggled to adapt to the new educational landscape created by the pandemic.

In addition to the recordings and transcriptions themselves, Caroline has also included a journalistic piece on how teachers have adapted to the pandemic that draws upon these interviews.

Thanks to Caroline and to Jaron Berman for his help in uploading her collection! He and Eshan Gupta have kindly offered to help upload all the collections, which means we will have a lot more content to share in the coming days.

As always, stay safe!

Dr. Ananya Chakravarti

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