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Archiving COVID-19 is a virtual exhibition of archival collections created by students in Georgetown University's HIST 129 (Modern South Asia) and HIST 224 (Women, Film and Indian History), offered during the spring semester of 2020 by Dr. Ananya Chakravarti.  As students of history, we created this archive of the present as a lasting record of an event of world historical importance. 

Explore artifacts we have gathered by place of origin, shown on the map below, or scroll through individual collections. Individual collections are also organized thematically below. If you are interested in building your own archives, see our resources or contact Dr. Chakravarti. Latest blog posts can be found at the bottom of this page and we will continually update the site as our collections grow.  

Thematic Collections
Social Media

Collections documenting how the pandemic has affected, and been affected by, social media

Corporate Responses

Collections documenting the corporate and economic response to the pandemic


Collections that use art to document the virus


Collections that focus on how the virus has impacted specific communities around the globe

Oral histories

Collections that document the testimonials of those affected by the virus


Collections that focus on personal narratives

Be sure to also check out Archiving the Times, a project begun by students from Ahmedabad University who were inspired by our class project and adapted it for themselves.

Latest Posts

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