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Art and COVID-19

Today we have two new collections, each very moving in its own way. Alexis Jade Ferguson's powerfully raw collection juxtaposes her own deeply personal journal entries, written in San Diego, CA, with art pieces she created in response to the unfolding of the pandemic on a global scale.

Molly Ledwith's collection gives voice to a group often forgotten in traditional archives: children. Through social media, news coverage and her own documentation of her neighborhood in Los Altos, CA, Molly has created a collection that allows us to see how children are experiencing, processing and responding to the crisis, including by creating newspapers of their own and creating public art, reminding neighbors to stay safe and healthy. In this children's archive, one finds a glimmer of much needed joy and hope in these trying times.

Stay safe, stay home.

Dr. Chakravarti

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